The Dispute maintains a tree of information knots, consisting basically of a title and of an intrinsic textual html information. Optionally, the display supplements a knot statistics - the creation time, the author and the count of subsequent knots - as well as a set of function buttons.

The rich layout options enable a versatile usage. Originally, the Dispute was intended as a discussion platform. Then, it was adapted for documentation purposes (like this one) and as an application help system. And it suits well as a dynamic knowledge base system.

How to administrate:

  1. Purchase Dispute Package
  2. Install Dispute package
  3. Create Dispute Menu, Create Dispute Module or Add Dispute to an Article
  4. Manage Disputes
  5. Setup Dispute
  6. Inject the Dispute Hotspots Module
  7. Download / Upload Dispute

How to use:

  1. Item control elements
  2. Post your Response
  1. On Administration page, select Components / Dispute / Manage
  2. From list of your Disputes, click the one you want to set up
  3. Continue with Setup Dispute
  4. Optionally, Download / Upload Dispute
If there is just one Dispute on your site, the page switches to Setup Dispute. If there's no Dispute yet and you have already assigned it for a Menu (Create Dispute Menu), implemented as a Module (Create Dispute Module) or embedded it in an Article (Add Dispute to an Article), visit the page first.

List legend


Select Disputes to delete and click the Delete button.

Disputes including their Subdisputes and Postings will bee irrevocably deleted.

Visiting the Menu page of type Dispute or an Article with embedded Dispute (Add Dispute to an Article) will create new empty Dispute.

ID Dispute's unique ID
Title Dispute's Title
Parent Dispute Parent's ID. Applies for Dispute pools.
Menu Menu item the Dispute is assigned to. Affects Menu Disputes.
Article Article the Dispute is embedded in. Affects Article Disputes.
Created Date
Date/time the Dispute was created
By User who created it
Moderator Moderator's name and link if the Dispute is moderated
Published The Publish flag
Disputes Count of Subdisputes. Applies for Dispute polls.
Threads Count of Postings related to Dispute directly, e.g. creating a Dispute thread
Postings Count of Postings total
Authors Count of Postings' authors