As I was retired, I finally came back to my projects I've been working on years ago: Dispute and Enquette, together with my DataProvider and MySqlDataProvider framework

Originally, they have been written in C# for DotNetNuke. Meanwhile, on some occasion, I've switched to PHP and Joomla!. So I've used that know-how and slowly developed a very new Joomla! versions, rather as a hobby than as a commercial pretension.

This is a comfortable situation. There is no stress, one has enough time to implement and test all that features he/she imagines. Time even to write an ordinary user documentation and a help. Written by Dispute, using, testing and developing it at the same time.

So I've finally set up this site, using - and offering - all this products. There are only Joomla! Articles, Maximenu CK, MediaStore and JProFeedBack. All the rest is just Dispute and Enquette, both based on DataProvider and MySqlDataProvider framework. And the Simple Language Switcher, which I've developed by the way for language switching the demo Enquette.

Yet all of it is just one man product. If somebody likes, we could turn it in an open source project. At least the MySqlDataProvider framework could be worth, as it can be used in any PHP environment.


All components, modules and libraries listed here are licensed under the GPL Licence in the Version 3.0.

What does it mean for you?

Generally, that they remain my intellectual property and that they are free software. You may use, modify and convay (distribute) them with no limitations but one: they have to remain free software, guaranteeing the same rights to any other user.

And, of course, that there's no warranty that the software behaves according to all your expectations. It is "as is".

Terms of Service

All products listed do install with an Update Server connection. As they are new versions available, your Joomla! will notify you to upgrade for free.

I'm grateful for all feed-backs, suggestions and especially for bug reports. I'll take them into account when developing the next version.