The Dispute maintains a tree of information knots, consisting basically of a title and of an intrinsic textual html information. Optionally, the display supplements a knot statistics - the creation time, the author and the count of subsequent knots - as well as a set of function buttons.

The rich layout options enable a versatile usage. Originally, the Dispute was intended as a discussion platform. Then, it was adapted for documentation purposes (like this one) and as an application help system. And it suits well as a dynamic knowledge base system.

How to administrate:

  1. Purchase Dispute Package
  2. Install Dispute package
  3. Create Dispute Menu, Create Dispute Module or Add Dispute to an Article
  4. Manage Disputes
  5. Setup Dispute
  6. Inject the Dispute Hotspots Module
  7. Download / Upload Dispute

How to use:

  1. Item control elements
  2. Post your Response

Item Buttons

See Referencing Dispute nodes on using the red marked Item identifikation.

Action Buttons

Each Dispute node, Dispute and Postings, displays some of following action buttons:


Expand / Collapse node

For Dispute item, this affects the Dispute Text only.
For Posting item, this affects the Posting Text and child postings.

Visibility: all items

Return back to the Dispute poll root.

Visibility: Disputes in a Dispute poll

Add new Subdispute

Visibility: Administrators on Disputes set as Dispute poll

Edit item

Visibility: Administrators, moderator, author

Post Reply. See Post your Response.

Visibility: Administrators and case Dispute's Show Buttons set, visitors specified by Allow Posting setting (see Setup Dispute)

Subscribe for mail notifications on new Postings

Visibility: case Dispute's Show Buttons set, visitors specified by Allow Subscription setting (see Setup Dispute)

Delete the node. The item (Dispute or Posting) including all child Postings will be irrecoverably deleted.

Visibility: Administrators

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