The Dispute maintains a tree of information knots, consisting basically of a title and of an intrinsic textual html information. Optionally, the display supplements a knot statistics - the creation time, the author and the count of subsequent knots - as well as a set of function buttons.

The rich layout options enable a versatile usage. Originally, the Dispute was intended as a discussion platform. Then, it was adapted for documentation purposes (like this one) and as an application help system. And it suits well as a dynamic knowledge base system.

How to administrate:

  1. Purchase Dispute Package
  2. Install Dispute package
  3. Create Dispute Menu, Create Dispute Module or Add Dispute to an Article
  4. Manage Disputes
  5. Setup Dispute
  6. Inject the Dispute Hotspots Module
  7. Download / Upload Dispute

How to use:

  1. Item control elements
  2. Post your Response

Porting Disputes

Download Dispute

There are two formats a Dispute can be ported by: the xml format and the OpenXML (WinWord, OpenOffice) format.

If there is already a valid file of selected format, it is offered for download. Otherwise, e.g. if the Dispute wasn't exported yet or some items were added or edited since, the button Create appears to create the actual version.

Upload Dispute

Select a previously downloaded Dispute file with the Browse button. After selection, choose between upload options:

  • Append will append the uploaded Dispute as a child to the current Dispute and switch its Dispute Poll property on (see Setup Dispute / Tab Dispute).
  • Append Postings will append the uploaded Dispute's Postings to the current one. Existing text, settings and original Postings remain unchanged.
  • Substitute will substitute the current Dispute with the downloaded one. All existing Dispute settings will be rewritten and existing subordinate Disputes as well as Postings will be irrevocably discarded.
Only files previously downloaded from the Dispute component will be recognized as valid import files. Otherwise, an error message displays and no action is taken.
The upload takes effect when the Dispute is saved. You can discard it anytime by canceling changes.

Porting formats

xml Format

This is an "economy" format. It contains only information needed.

OpenXML Format

This is a format readable by WinWord, OpenOffice and other editors. It contains two kinds of information: the porting data for Dispute uploading, and an OpenXML visualization enabling text reading, checking and reusing.

The conversion from the Dispute html format into the OpenXML format is a rather complex task which is implemented only partially. Some basic text formatting is taken into account as well as images. Style sheet formatting and more sophisticated options are ignored.

Editing the visible part of content has no effect on the information passed to Upload Dispute.

Ported components

Text References (Referencing Dispute nodes) to items contained in the uploaded Dispute are actualized. References to outside items are substituted by links to the original site.

If the uploaded Dispute origins in own site, its Authors are inserted only if they do not exist any more. In other cases, the Dispute's Authors are inserted along with their TCPIP and Last Active information.


If the uploaded Dispute origins in own site, images are saved only if they do not exist any more. In other cases, the Dispute's images are saved into folders corresponding to origin folders, creating them if necessary.


A Dispute downloaded as the OpenXML format may look in WinWord like this: