A developer's database interface library

pj DataProvider for Joomla!

  • A Joomla! implementation of pj DataProvider Framework
  • Alternative encapsulated PHP database interface with powerful abstracted functions and classes
  • Provides versatile database interface for Jomla! Extensions developers
  • The Visitors concept keeps track on active unregistered visitors
  • Useful UTF8 and other common usage functions



  • Joomla 3+
  • PHP 5+
  • MySQL 5+

pj DataProvider Framework for MySql

  • Usable in any PHP environment
  • Provides methods to edit, insert, retry, query, update and delete database row objects
  • InfoBase class provides base for custom application classes with specialized features
  • At any time, only one unique InfoBase instance representing one unique database row exists
  • InfoBase keeps track of changed data fields and dirty state
  • SearchKey class provides simple, yet powerful mechanism for creating complex queries
  • Enables installation of MySQL stored procedures


  • PHP 5+
  • MySQL 5+

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