This documentation is powered by the Dispute component based on the pj DataProvider and the pj DataProvider Framework respectively.


The Enquette consists basically of one or more pairs of question item and evaluation control, eventually organized in more layers. It either lets the visitor to choose his votes or it displays results statistics together with distribution graphics.

The Enquette can be implemented either as a component (menu) or as a part of Joomla content (article). An important feature is the export in the Office Open XML format (e. g. MS Excel) enabling further processing with external tools.

Administrate Enquette:

  1. Have a look at the Enquette Anatomy
  2. Purchase and Install Enquette package
  3. Create Enquette Menu, Create Enquette Module or Append Enquette to an Article
  4. Set up Enquette
  5. Optionally, Invite selected respondents
  6. Download / upload Enquette
  7. Work up results with Excel

On the Enquette Setup page, at the Tab Enquette, you can download or upload the Enquette content. This enables to port the Enquette to other page or site, to work Enquette results up with Excel or other applications or to prepare the survey on a local machine and upload it - ready to use - to the production site.

There are two possible file formats used for the Enquette porting: the pure XML format containing just data necessary, and the Excel XML format (Office Open XML) enabling desktop results inspection and further processing as well as modifications and uploading.

See Download Enquette for details on downloading and / or Upload Enquette on uploading the Enquette. See Excel Enquette for more details on Excel Enquette representation. See Set up Enquette Local for modifying Enquette local and uploading to the site.

The Tab Enquette at the Enquette Setup page offers several options for uploading an Enquette portable file.

There are two possible file formats: the pure XML format containing just data necessary, and the Excel XML format (Office Open XML). Whereas the basic intention is to port an Enquette from one location to another one, it is also possible to edit or even create the whole Enquette structure on a desktop machine, to test it on a development server and finally to upload it ready-to-use on the production server. In all cases, it is recommended to use a downloaded Enquette (Download Enquette) as a template. See Excel Enquette for description.

It is also possible to Set up Enquette Local and to upload the modified Enquette to the site.

After an upload file was selected, there are several options how it should be uploaded:

Append Uploaded Enquette structure is appended to the existing one. If the option Include visitors and votes is checked and the uploaded file contains this information, Visitors and votes to newly uploaded items are appended, too.
Substitute The current Enquette structure is discarded and substituted with the Enquette uploaded.
Update This option has effect only when uploaded to the origin page. Otherwise, the Append option applies.
Include visitors and votes If the upload file was created either with Anonymized votes or Full information, this option will import also Visitors and votes. In latter case, if the file originates in the same site, existing Visitors are concerned. Otherwise, new Visitors will be created according the upload file.
Note: the uploaded data actually takes effect only after the Enquette is saved. You can discard the upload any time selecting Cancel on the Enquette's Tool bar.