This documentation is powered by the Dispute component based on the pj DataProvider and the pj DataProvider Framework respectively.


The extension maintains a set of web links.

Basically, the link consists of a url and title . Additionally, it may contain a favicon (the small icon displayed in the browser tab) and/or a logo, as well as a textual description. Clicking the link's Title, url or logo opens the target in a separate browser tab.

Links can be structured by link categories, tagged with Joomla tags and paginated. As component, the extension displays full page list of links including favicon, title and URL in the header and logo with description in the description part. As module, the display can be limited just to the header part. In both cases, the list can be restricted to just one link category or the extension enables a category selection.

How to administrate:

  1. Purchase and Install pj Links package
  2. Have a look at the Sample
  3. Manage pj Links Categories
  4. Create pj Links Menu or Create / set up pj Links Module
  5. Set Menu / Module properties
  6. Select links

Move mouse over particular components


Information sources worldwide

Select the Category to restrict the list.

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