This documentation is powered by the Dispute component based on the pj DataProvider and the pj DataProvider Framework respectively.


The Enquette consists basically of one or more pairs of question item and evaluation control, eventually organized in more layers. It either lets the visitor to choose his votes or it displays results statistics together with distribution graphics.

The Enquette can be implemented either as a component (menu) or as a part of Joomla content (article). An important feature is the export in the Office Open XML format (e. g. MS Excel) enabling further processing with external tools.

Administrate Enquette:

  1. Have a look at the Enquette Anatomy
  2. Purchase and Install Enquette package
  3. Create Enquette Menu, Create Enquette Module or Append Enquette to an Article
  4. Set up Enquette
  5. Optionally, Invite selected respondents
  6. Download / upload Enquette
  7. Work up results with Excel

Left column

Title Enquette Title. It is used in back-end only and doesn't appear in the front-end.
Header Layer Text The ID of a Layer Text to be used as the Enquette Header.
Footer Layer Text The ID of a Layer Text to be used as the Enquette Footer.
Display mode The mode the Enquette displays in, one of Vote, Results or Closed.
Layer switching With multiple layer Enquettes, this property sets the art the Visitor can switch between Layers. With Tabs, he/she can switch randomly. With Wizard, he/she can move just to the previous or next Layer until the Submit is reached. With Sequence, he/she has to input the current Layer and move just to the next one until the final Submit.
Multiple voting With the default No setting, the Visitor will find his votes when visiting the Enquette next time, he/she may change them and submit again. With All visitors setting, at each new site visit, the Visitor is regarded as a new one. With Unregistered visitors only, registered Users will find their votes on next visit, whereas unregistered Visitors are considered as new.
Allow voting to

It is possible to restrict voting (displaying the Submit button) to certain Visitor types, e.g. for Invited Visitors only.

Note, that it isn't necessary to send mail invitations to Invited Visitors (see Invite selected respondents) in order to restrict voting. Maintaining the list of invited visitors is sufficient for this purpose (see Manage Visitors).

Allow result switching Enables Visitors to switch between Vote and Result mode.
After submit The behavior after the Visitor submits his/her votes. With Remain voting, he/she remains in the Vote mode. With Show Results, the mode switches to the Result view. With Show Thank You text, the Enquette displays only the Layer Text selected. With Exit to other URL, the Visitor will be redirected to the URL set by the Exit URL property.
Thank you Layer Text The ID of a Layer Text to be displayed after the Visitor submits his/her vote if After submit is set to Show Thank You text.
Deadline Optional Enquette Deadline.
After deadline The behavior after Enquette Deadline passed. Closed will just display the "This Enquette is closed" text constant. See Enquette Labels for eventual text adaptation. With Vote, the Visitor may still submit votes. With Show Results, the Enquette displays in the Result mode view. With Exit to other URL, the Visitor will be redirected to the URL set by the Exit URL property.
Exit URL An URL the visitor will be redirected to either After submit or After deadline.
Result colors The Result view displays per cent bars with a color gradient between the upper and the lower row. The Default button resets colors back to the default, which is upper and lower.

Optional HTML prefix can be used e.g. for CSS scoped styles applying for the Enquette only. It is recommended to encapsulate the styles like this:

<style scoped="scoped" type="text/css"><!--
  .mystyle {

Right column

Created Date The date / time the Enquette was created. Read only.
Modified Date The date / time the Enquette was last time modified. Read only.
Visitors Count of visitors which have submitted votes. Read only.
Votes Total count of votes submitted. Read only
First vote The date / time the first vote was submitted. Read only.
Last vote The date / time the last vote was submitted. Read only.

Download Enquette

Upload Enquette

See Download / upload Enquette.
Reset votes

If clicked, all Votes to this Enquette will be discarded.

This feature is usefull for testing before go live.