This documentation is powered by the Dispute component based on the pj DataProvider and the pj DataProvider Framework respectively.


The Enquette consists basically of one or more pairs of question item and evaluation control, eventually organized in more layers. It either lets the visitor to choose his votes or it displays results statistics together with distribution graphics.

The Enquette can be implemented either as a component (menu) or as a part of Joomla content (article). An important feature is the export in the Office Open XML format (e. g. MS Excel) enabling further processing with external tools.

Administrate Enquette:

  1. Have a look at the Enquette Anatomy
  2. Purchase and Install Enquette package
  3. Create Enquette Menu, Create Enquette Module or Append Enquette to an Article
  4. Set up Enquette
  5. Optionally, Invite selected respondents
  6. Download / upload Enquette
  7. Work up results with Excel

Each Enquette Survey consists of one or more Layers containing one or more Question Items.


On the Tab Layers at the Setup Enquette page, you can inspect, create, edit, move and delete Layers and Layer Texts. The tab contains a Layer selector and two subordinated tabs, the Layer itself and Layer Questions.

Layer Properties

Title The tab Title (multilingual). Don't care for the Title in a single layer Enquette, as it doesn't appear on the front page.
Layer Type

Either Enquette or Registration. In latter case, Layer Questions contain additional identification fields Visitor Name and Visitor Email, obligatory for unregistered and read-only for registered visitors.

There has to be just one or none Layer of type Registration. If there is none, at Submit, a popup opens demanding the unregistered Visitor's identification.


Single or Multiple.

On Single Criterion Layer, each Question Item owns just one individual Evaluation Control. On Multiple Criteria Layer, there are one or more Criteria repeated for all Question Items on the Layer.

Question Header
(Multiple Criteria) Question column header

Voluntary or Mandatory.

If the Layer is set for Mandatory Voting, the Visitor has to provide votes for all Question Items before Submit. Otherwise, he / she may vote on questions arbitrary.

Note that on Voluntary Layer, the Question Items can be individually set to Arbitrary or Mandatory, too. See Layer Questions.


By Order or Random

The art Question Items are ordered on the Layer

Layer Texts

Layer Texts represent a free set of text elements used for various purposes. One of them is the Layer Header and / or Layer Footer, which can be set marking the corresponding Header and / or Footer Radio button on this tab.

The other usage is common for the whole Enquette, like Enquette Header and Footer, as Thank You text (see Enquette Properties) or even as an Invitation text (see Invite selected respondents). These are set by selecting the corresponding Layer Text ID.

Note that newly created Layer Text have a negative Layer Text ID until the Enquette is saved. You can use it anyway, as the reference will be updated at save time.