This documentation is powered by the Dispute component based on the pj DataProvider and the pj DataProvider Framework respectively.


The Enquette consists basically of one or more pairs of question item and evaluation control, eventually organized in more layers. It either lets the visitor to choose his votes or it displays results statistics together with distribution graphics.

The Enquette can be implemented either as a component (menu) or as a part of Joomla content (article). An important feature is the export in the Office Open XML format (e. g. MS Excel) enabling further processing with external tools.

Administrate Enquette:

  1. Have a look at the Enquette Anatomy
  2. Purchase and Install Enquette package
  3. Create Enquette Menu, Create Enquette Module or Append Enquette to an Article
  4. Set up Enquette
  5. Optionally, Invite selected respondents
  6. Download / upload Enquette
  7. Work up results with Excel

On the Enquette Setup page, at the Tab Evaluation Schemata, you can check, create, edit and delete evaluation schemata used by Evaluation Controls.

An Evaluation Schema is basically a set of associations between verbal terms (Marks) and their numeric equivalents as used e.g. by Dropdown control. In a multilingual environment, verbal terms vary depending on language selected, whereas their numeric values remain the same.

The Schema may be a global one usable in all Enquettes, or an Enquette specific one.

A Schema may contain Options. They display along with a brief description and controls they affect. A Schema may contain just Options without term-value associations (like min and max for Numeric control).

The Schema list contains schemata applicable for the Enquette, i.e. global and specific ones. With Edit or New Schema, an edit popup opens:

Edit Schema