This documentation is powered by the Dispute component based on the pj DataProvider and the pj DataProvider Framework respectively.


The Enquette consists basically of one or more pairs of question item and evaluation control, eventually organized in more layers. It either lets the visitor to choose his votes or it displays results statistics together with distribution graphics.

The Enquette can be implemented either as a component (menu) or as a part of Joomla content (article). An important feature is the export in the Office Open XML format (e. g. MS Excel) enabling further processing with external tools.

Administrate Enquette:

  1. Have a look at the Enquette Anatomy
  2. Purchase and Install Enquette package
  3. Create Enquette Menu, Create Enquette Module or Append Enquette to an Article
  4. Set up Enquette
  5. Optionally, Invite selected respondents
  6. Download / upload Enquette
  7. Work up results with Excel
  1. On Administration page, select Components / Enquette
  2. Click the Enquette you want set up.
  3. If you've just created an Enquette Menu (Create Enquette Menu), Enquette Module (Create Enquette Module) or appended an Enquette to some Article (Append Enquette to an Article) and it isn't listed yet, visit its front-page once and return back to the Administration page.
  4. Set up Enquette

Enquette List Legend

ID The Enquette ID. Note that Menu Enquettes are identified by positive, Article Enquettes by negative IDs. 
Enquette Enquette Title
Menu The Menu the Einquette is assigned to
Article The Article the Einquette is assigned to
Path The URL path to Enquette's Menu or Article
Status Published / Unpublished
Visitors Count of visitors which have submitted votes
Votes Total count of votes submitted
Deadline Enquette deadline
  1. On Administration page, select Menu / Menu Manager
  2. Select Menu Items and click New
  3. At Menu Item Type, click Select button
  4. In the popup window, select Enquette / Enquette
  5. Fill in Menu Title, setup menu properties and click Save
  6. Visit the menu page once and continue with Select Enquette